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Scalable Technologies

Your formula for success is just that - yours. Our size and operating philosophy afford us the ability to assemble the experts, services and technologies in the configurations that best meet your development and manufacturing needs.

Efficient Tech Transfer

At Emergent, our cross-functional teams arm you with the single most valuable asset you can have during tech transfers: confidence. We reduce risk by sticking to proven processes and by not just keeping you apprised of what we’re doing, but how and why we’re doing it.

Passion for the Vision

Every organization says the same thing. We get that. But not every company has a goal of protecting or enhancing a billion lives (which is what we aim to do by 2030). You’ll feel that enthusiasm, focus and dedication when you collaborate with the Emergent team. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit

At Emergent, we particularly prize “What if?” thinking. Our professionals are encouraged to consider how every aspect of what we do can be improved — to your benefit and to the benefit of your patients.

Partnership Thinking

We have a long-term perspective on client relationships. We take our role and
responsibility as an extended member of your team seriously and prioritize confidentiality throughout the process of working with you. Sharing in your success is what fuels ours, time and again.

Agility and Responsibility

Our team is dedicated to the art and science of “efficient excellence,” and we incorporate that into everything we do for you. That means we lean toward your interests and not away, and that you can count on us in both the most ordinary and most extraordinary of circumstances.

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