Maryland, USA


Our 87,000-sq. ft. Camden facility in Baltimore, MD (USA) provides drug product manufacturing for sterile injectables. The site offers clinical and commercial non-viral aseptic fill/finish services on four fill lines, including lyophilization, formulation development, and support services.

Formulation Capabilities

  • Extensive experience with filling of viscous and non-viscous solutions/suspensions
  • Expertise with both small molecule and biological compounds
    • Small and large molecule sterile drug product capabilities
  • Handling of products with stability challenges such as:
    • Sensitivity to light (use of amber light and amber vials)
    • Sensitivity to oxygen (i.e., N2 overlay)
  • Extensive expertise in lyophilization development, optimization, and commercialization for both vials and syringes.


Manufacturing Capabilities and Technologies

  • Clinical and commercial non-viral GMP DP manufacturing
    • Chase-Logeman® 2 Headed High Speed Line
      • 2ml-100ml vials
      • Up to 60,000 vials/batch
    • Chase-Logeman® Single Headed Fill Line
      • 3mL - 100 mL vials
      • Up to 21,600 vials/batch
    • Groninger® FlexPro 50 flexible isolator fill line
      • 2R and 10R vials
      • 1mL pre-filled syringes 
      • Integrated loading/unloading
      • Employs ready-to-use components
      • Integrated lyophilizer
    • Inova® 2 Headed Syringe Line
      • 0.5mL - 20mL pre-nested syringes
      • Up to 13,200 syringes/batch
    • 3 Lyophilization units
    • Terminal sterilization services
  • Support services
    • Raw material testing
    • Finished product release testing
    • Stability testing
    • Packaging: serialization and aggregation services
    • Visual inspection
    • Large capacity cold storage: 2-8°C cold room; -20°C and -70°C freezer storage
  • Centralized warehouse

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